1.      Integration Of Edge Computing And Blockchain With Internet Of Things, Professional Development Research University Grant, RM125,600. HeadofProject.

2.      Smart Monitoring System Using Internet Of Things (Iot) For Oil Production At SPR Langgak, Research University Grant, RM40,00 HeadofProject.

3.      Smart Monitoring For Oil Well And Production, International Grant, RM40,000. HeadOfProject.

4.      Development Of Co_Planar Waveguide Flexible Antenna for 5G Wearable System Application, Research University Grant, RM20,00 HeadOfProject.

5.      Development Of Multiple Input Multiple Output Antenna Using Organic Composite Materials For 5G Communication System, Research University Grant, RM65,00 HeadofProject.




 1.     Development of Flexible Antenna using Organic Composite Materials for 5G Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication System, HICOE            Research Grant, RM85,00 HeadOfProject.

2.     Characterization Of Beamforming In Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (Noma) By Optimizing The Power Allocation Strategies And Clustering Algorithms In Cyber Security, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), RM88,000 HeadofProject.

3.     Intelligent Public Transportation Monitoring System Di Johor, Contract Research Grant, RM250,00 HeadofProject.

4.     Payment Monitoring System For Bus Muafakat Johor, UTM R&D Fund, RM32,864 HeadofProject.

5.     Three Dimensional Antenna Array As An Enabling Technology For 5G Wireless Networks, Networking Grant, HeadofProject.




1. SistemPengawasanPengangkutanUTM,PRGS-UTM, RM20,000. HeadofProject.


1.  Sistem Pengawasan Pengangkutan Awam Pintar Untuk Negeri Johor, IISJ-UPENJ, RM90,000. Head of Project.



1. University of Rennes 1, France  €2400. Head of Project. (Vot 4X131)

2. Study and Characterize Collobarative Beamforming Networks Using Meta-Heuristic Optimization in Cyber Security, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), RM 61,200. Head of Project. (Vot 4F901)

3. Microwave Grid Array Antenna for MIMO 5G Mobile Communication Networks, Research University Grant (RUG), RM50,000. Head of Project. (Vot 13H08)

4. Flexible Smart Antenna Beamforming Network For  5G Mobile Communication System, HICOE Grant, RM 74,690. Head of Project.    (Vot 4J213)

5. Development Of Flexible Antenna For Smart Antenna 5G Mobile Communication System, Research University Grant (RUG), RM20,000. Head of Project. (Vot 4J229)

6. Advancing the state of the art of MIMO: the key to the successful evolution of wireless networks, EUROPEAN GRANT, RM656,152. Member. (Vot 4C094)

7. Kajian keberkesanan pembelajaran melalui PAK-21 kepada pelajar Sekolah Menengah Teknik Semenanjung Malaysia, Networking Grant,  RM 18,680. Member. (Vot 4X163)

8. Thermal Effect Investigation of Electromagnetic Field in Wireless Mobile Technologies concerning Allowable Power and Radiation Safety, HICOE Grant, RM 74,690. Member. (Vot 4J212)

9. Beamforming and Power Allocation for Wireless Powered Communication, HICOE Grant, RM 74,690. Member. (Vot 4J210)

10. Development Of Dielectric Resonator Antenna Array  For 5G Applications, Research University Grant (RUG), RM50,000. Member. (Vot 13H26)



1. Development of Flexible Antenna for Smart Antenna 5G Mobile Communication system, Prototype Research Grant Scheme (PRGS),RM89,000, Head of Project,    (Vot 4L662)

2. 5G Wireless Communication System on Antenna and Propagation, Research University (RU) Matching grant, RM144,944. Head of Project. (Vot 00M78)

3. Development of MIMO Antenna for high speed 5G Mobile Communication system, Research University Grant (RUG), RM49,700. Head of Project. (Vot 09H78)

4. Smart Antenna for fifth generation wireless communication, Post Doc RU Grant, RM65,000. Head of Project. (Vot 02E45)

5. Intelligent Traffic Light Controller System Using ARM Microprocessor and Artificial Algorithm, Prototype Development Grant, RM25,000. Head of Project. (Vot 00F04)

6. 5G Wireless Communication System on Antenna and Propagation, HICOE Grant, RM3,000,000 Key Reserchers.




1. Study and Characterize Energy Power Improvement Through Near Field Coupling Optimization for Wireless Power Transfer, FRGS, RM 57,000. Head of Project.     (Vot 4F617)

2. Near Field Communication Based Wireless Charging And Radio, CREST Fund, RM362,360. Head of Project. (Vot 4B151)

3. Development of Indoor Parameter Sensing using UWB-based System, E Science Fund, RM199,960. Head of Project. (Vot 4S099)

7. High Speed Mobile For Near Field Coupled Communication Systems and Wireless Energy Transfer, Research University Grant (RUG), RM20,000. Head of Project.   (Vot 08H81)

4. Capacity Improvement Analysis through Sidelobe Reduction for Random Antenna Array System, FRGS, Member. (Vot 4F290)

5. Study of Secrecy Capacity in Multi-User MIMO Broadcast Channel, FRGS, Member. (Vot 4F261)

6. MIMO-OFDM Radio over Fiber Integration for 4G Backhaul Heterogeneous Network, Science Fund, Member. (Vot 4S066)

7. A MIMO Dielectric Resonator Antenna For Lte/ Lte-Advanced Application, Science Fund, Member. (Vot 4S076)

8. The Establishment Of emf Remote Monitoring Station Near Base Station Sites, Contract Research, Member. (Vot 4C037)

9. Application of Artificial Neural Network to Switched Beam Smart Antenna, Research University Grant (RUG), Members, (Vot 09H61)

10. Unequal Size Of Witricity Device Design Through The Characterization Of Its Coupling Coefficient For Wireless Communication Applications, Research University Grant (RUG), Members, (Vot 05H43)

11. Design Implementation Of Dielectric Resonator Antenna For High Speed Mobile Devices Application, Research University Grant (RUG), Members, (Vot 05H62)



1. Transparent Co-Planar Waveguide Dual Band Antenna, Research University Grant (RUG), RM90,000, Head of Project. (Vot 04H42)

2. Capacity Improvement Analysis through Sidelobe Reduction for Random Antenna Array System, FRGS, Member. (Vot 4F290)

3. Study of Secrecy Capacity in Multi-User MIMO Broadcast Channel, FRGS, Member. (Vot 4F261)

4. MIMO-OFDM Radio over Fiber Integration for 4G Backhaul Heterogeneous  Network, Science Fund, Member. (Vot 4S066)

5. A Mimo Dielectric Resonator Antenna  For Lte/ Lte-Advanced Application, Science Fund, Member. (Vot 4S076)



1. Reconfigurable Coplanar Waveguide-Fed Two Arm Archimedean Spiral Slot Antenna, Research University Grant (RUG), RM90,000), Head of Project. (Vot 02H92)

2. Characterization of Artificial Magnetic Conductors (AMC) Structure to Bandwidth Broadening and Gain Enhancement of Low Profile Antennas, Exploratory Research Grant Scheme (ERGS), RM70,000, Head of Project. (Vot 4L056)  

3. A New Phase Beamforming Algorithm For Future Mobile Ground Station Antennas, FRGS, Member. (Vot 4F036)

4. The Establishment Of Emf Remote Monitoring Station Near Base Station Sites, Contract Research SKMM, Member (Vot 4C036)

5. The Establishment Of Emf Emission Real-Time Monitoring Through Website, Contract Research SKMM, Member (Vot 4C037)

6. Wireless Power Transfer Design For Mobile Phone Application And Its Electromagnetic Exposure Effect To Human Body, Research University Grant (RUG), Member. (Vot 08J72)

7. Inter-Carrier Interference Mitigation In Ofdm Systems Using Eigenstructure Classified Pulse Shaping Under Novel Uncertainty Principle, Research University Grant (RUG), Member. (Vot 05H00)

8. Design Of A Mimo Dielectric Resonator Antenna For Long Term Evolution Application, Research University Grant (RUG), Member. (Vot 08J81)

9. Dual-Polarized Symmetrical Printed Yagi Antenna For Wireless On-Body Communication System (Woban), Research University Grant (RUG), Member.     (Vot 04H36)



1. Ultra Wideband Butler Matrix Beam Forming Network using Multilayer Technology, Research University Grant (RUG), RM142,000), Head of Project (1/4/2011-31/3/2013). (Vot: 00H50)

2. Development of Photovoltic Film Technology, Flagship Grant, RM178,400), Head of Project (1/8/11-31/7/14) (Vot : 00G35)

3. Development of Photovoltaic Harvest System, Flagship, (1/8/11-31/7/14)- (RM178,400), Head of Project. (Vot 00G35)

4. Switchable Antennas for Cognitive Radio Applications, Research University Grant (RUG), (1/4/2011-31/3/2013) Members. (Vot 01H00)

5. Film Antenna Design, Flagship Grant, (1/8/2011-31/7/2014) Members.(Vot 00G36)

6. Affine Based Time-Scale Universal Wireless Channel Simulator for Stationary and Non Stationary Propagation Channels, Research University Grant (RUG), (1/4/2011-31/3/2013) Members.(Vot 02H31)

7. Software Development Tool for Reflect Array Antenna, Research University Grant (RUG), (1/5/2011-30/4/2012) Members. (Vot 00J27)

8. Rain Attenuation Studies and Mitigation Techniques at 26GHz and 5.8GHz for Point to Point Applications, GUP TIER 1, (1/4/11-31/3/13)- RM163,000, Members. (Vot 01H05)

9. A New Phase Beamforming Algorithm For Future Mobile Ground Station Antennas, FRGS, Member. (Vot 4F036)

10. Compact And Low Cost Planar Microwave Multi-Port Network For Uwb Applications, GUP, Member.  (Vot 00J61)



1. Spatial Diversity Analysis of MIMO System for Broadband Wireless Communications, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), RM44,000, Head of Project (1 April 2010-31 Mac 2012) (Vot 3F508)

2. Kajian Penyelidikan Kontrak - Projek Kerjasama UTM & Ericsson Berkaitan Sistem Gelombang Mikro, Contract Research Erisccon, Members (Vot 68807)



1. Point to Point Microwave Link for Vehicle Application, MOSTI Science Fund, RM 186,300, Head of Project (4 Jan 2009- 31 Dec 2011). (Vot 79357)

2. The Possibilities of High Altitude Platform Station Gateway Links Deployment in the 5850-7075 MHz In Malaysia, SKMM Contract Research, RM 161,000, Key Researcher (1 Feb 2009- 30 Sept 2010). (Vot 73742)



1. Smart Antenna System using  Cascaded Butler Matrices, MOSTI Science Fund, RM 216,900, Head of Project (1 Nov 2008- 30 Oct 2010). (Vote 79301)

2. Optimization of Linear Array Antenna for Smart Antenna System, Initial Research Grant Scheme (IRGS), RM10,000, Head of Project (18 Feb 2008-17 Feb 2009). (Vote 3G012)

3. Antenna For On Body Communication, Science Fund (Vote 79300, RM 170,160), Key Researcher (1 Nov 2008- 1 April 2010).

4. Photonic Antenna for WLAN Backhaul Network, Science Fund, RM 280,600, Key Researcher (1 Dec 2008- 31 May 2010). (Vote 79343)

5. Wireless Channel Characterization And Multicarrier Technique In Wavelet Domain For Broadband Communication System, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), RM89,000, Key Researcher (1 Nov 2080-31 Oct 2010). (Vote 78368)



1. Adaptive Power Control System for Microwave Communication, (2002 – 2005) Key Researcher, IRPA Grant (Vot 74013).

2. Front-End Low Design and Development for Wireless Communication: Adaptive Power Control for Point-to-Point Microwave Link, (2002-2005) Key Researcher, IRPA Grant (Vot 74500).

3. Front-End Low Design and Development for Wireless Communication: Profile Antenna for Indoor and Outdoor Application for Wireless Communication, (2002-2005) Key Researcher, IRPA Grant (Vot 74501)

4. Front-End Low Design and Development for Wireless Communication: RF Front-End Design for Point-to-Point Microwave Link, (2002-2005) Key Researcher, IRPA Grant (Vot 74502).